Price Calculator and Paypal link for Valve Circuit Transformers.


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To place an order there are several steps:

  • Select Location Currency Tax Rules and Product Details (yellow area below).
  • Calculate from selection ('Calculate' button at top of green area below).
  • Confirm to make Payment via Paypal ('Go to PayPal' button at bottom of green area below).
  • Check Paypal data transfer (a small window that appears after clicking 'Go to PayPal' Button).
  • Enter PayPal by Clicking 'Add to Cart' button on new small window and proceed as directed.
  • If you get lost - call us - and we will process a credit/debit card transaction for you.
  • Please confirm that you have a valid post address, email address and telephone number on your Paypal information so that we can contact you if required.
  • If you have a preferred carrier please let us know.
  • Please confirm that you have selected the correct part.
  • We make everything to order.
  • Please contact us immediately if you accidently select the wrong part so that we can reverse the transaction.
  • If we make the wrong part we may be able to credit it before sending it.
  • If we have already sent it then we can only accept it back less carriage.
  • We are unable to accept export orders back as the cost of doing so usually is more than the product value.


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  • The Paypal Link will send us sufficient information to process the order and send it to you.
  • PayPal does not provide us with details of your Credit card etc.
  • Paypal orders are emailed to us and processed in the order in which we receive them.
  • Note: Most of our products are made in small batches triggered by an order. Delivery is normally one to two weeks but can be up to four weeks if we are very busy. If you need items in a hurry please email us first. If you think that you might need something but don't want to pay for it just yet, email us and we will increase the size of other batches of that item to offer you a better delivery when you do place an order.
  • Note: Occasionally we get several orders from customers with similar email domains, our email server thinks these are SPAM and moves them to junk mail. It is essential that you send us a covering high priority email to '' so that we can search for your order and create an order confirmation.
  • Note: Euro orders may be subject to currency conversion, that usually happens several days after the order is triggered. It is essential that you wait until we confirm the order before raising a dispute with Paypal.
  • Note: If you do not get a response by email within three days email us again but on our main email address ''. If you decide to call us by telephone please leave your full telephone number clearly, we get unreadable, noisy, 'OUT OF AREA' or 'WITHHELD' voicemail messages which we cannot reply to.
  • Note: You may also text us (see our home page). Please include your name, product requested, amount and contact information.
  • Note: All orders are accepted on the basis that you agree with our terms and conditions.
  • Note: All orders are accepted on the basis that you agree that you are competant to install and use the products requested.

Location, Currency and Tax rules.

To calculate the price we need to know a few things about you.
This information is not sent to us unless you place an order.
Select the appropriate options below.

Select your delivery location.
Select whether you are a VAT registered trader.
Select and click on your trading currency.
Only GBP and EUR at present.

Select the Product with the options that you want.

Select and click on required quantity.
If more than 100 then email us.

Confirmation of Selection

Click on this button to update your calculation.



Payment Methods Available:

Trader type:

VAT rate:

Product Code:

Shortcut via link to Datasheet:



Price Each.

Price Total:

If you wish to order this item via PayPal, click on the 'Go to PayPal' Button.
Note: We normally make to order. If you need these in a hurry email us first.

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