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  • Page updated 12 Dec 2019.

Production Loading - Updated - 12 Dec 2019.

Normal lead times are for delivery within 28 days.

  • Standard products - Limited until the new year (January 2 2020).
  • Customised products - Limited until the new year (January 2 2020).
  • Rewinds - Fully loaded until Mid January 2020.
  • Winding to drawing - Fully loaded until Mid January 2020.

Workshop roof - Updated - 12 Dec 2019.

Our production capability is affected by weather damage to our main workshop. This has required replacement of the entire roof as wind has stripped the covering and rain has degraded the roof boarding. The extra weight of wet and soggy boarding has overloaded the roofing A frames to point of cracking and spreading.
Work is proceeding as normally as possible with other areas being used as well.
27 Oct: New centre beam has been fitted and most material obtained for new A frames and supports.
November: Roof frames fitted and boarding fitted.
12 Dec: New roof is on but not fully covered yet. When we have few days without rain we should be able to seal it.

Mullard 3-3 HT Transformers - New - 12 Dec 2019.

  • Discontinuing simple primary versions.
  • Discontinuing alternative shapes.

However we are adding a single heater winding version (6.3V C-tap at 2A)

Website security - New - 11 Dec 2019.

Due to the somewhat unnecessary security scare warnings we have applied SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) verification through our host.
These means that our website address is now '' instead of ''.
We have implementented code in our website to automatically redirect you.

Price changes - Updated - 11 Aug 2019.

Due to improvements in manufacturing we have adjusted our prices from 11 Aug 2019:

  • Most standard product prices have been reduced

Some products will be discontinued.
Some new products will be introduced.

All product data sheets will be brought up to date over the next few weeks in the order VTL, VTS, VTP, VTH, VTT, VTC.

External Quality Audit - Updated - 04 Aug 2019.

We were succesfully audited for ISO9001:2015 on 31 Jul 2019 with no non-conformances as usual.

'BREXIT' - Updated - 04 Aug 2019.

Because of the uncertainty in the Brexit EU trading arrangements we will not be taking orders from the EU until further notice.
We are still taking orders from the UK.

Website changes to clarify product supply - New - 04 Jul 2018.

As a result of discussions with our insurers we have changes some text details on the website to clarify the markets and products that we currently supply:

  • We do not supply product for Aircraft for flight
  • We do not supply product for Military use
  • We do not supply product to North America
  • We do not supply for Oil platforms
  • Industral product is only made to customer drawing
  • Military product quality is an indication of our ability not our approval

General Data Protection Regulation - New - 05 May 2018.

We have updated our data storage rules to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2015 which came into force in May 2018.
Our policy document is available on request.
NO customer or supplier data is supplied to any third party other than that which is necessary to process payments.
We are compliant with the PCI-DSS credit card rules and only store card details on paper for the duration of the order and warranty period, no such data is stored on computer at any time.

Alternative shapes - New - 10 Apr 2017.

For transformers with non square lamination cores we are introducing square stack cores as an alternative.
These are quicker to make and slightly more efficient.

Product reinstatement - Updated - 10 Apr 2017.

We have reinstated most of our previous transformers.

Transformer dimensions on data sheets - New - 08 Feb 2017.

It appears that the wrong dimensions are appearing on datasheets.
This is a software problem.
It will take a while to fix and reload all affected datasheets.
If you need the information pleaase e-mail us.

Credit card charges - New - 07 Apr 2013.

As we have never charged extra for card processing there are no changes in our prices as a result of the recent Credit Card charges directive.

Cookies - New - 26 May 2012.

In accordance with EU Directive 2009/136/EC section 66 we declare that we have no cookies on our website.
Links to other websites are out of our control and may have cookies.

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