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  • Page updated 08 Dec 2021.

Main Email address change - 08 Dec 2021.

We have changed our email address (see home page). This is because we have been receiving ridiculous amounts of loaded spam messages.
We do not have an automatic link either. Please type in the address shown into your email program changing the {at} into a @.
We can still receive messages on the old address for the moment but we have to search through the junk.

External Quality Audit - Updated - 24 Nov 2021.

We were succesfully audited for ISO9001:2015 on 23 Nov 2021 with no non-conformances as usual.
Audit performed on line using Microsoft Teams.

Production Loading - Updated - 03 Nov 2021.

Normal lead times are for delivery within 28 days (usually 7 to 14 days).

  • Standard products UK including NI - No supply until further notice.
  • Standard products export - No Supply until further notice.
  • Customised products - No supply until further notice.
  • Rewinds - Fully loaded until further notice.
  • Winding to drawing - Current and follow on orders only.
  • Special products - No Supply until further notice.
  • Design work - No Supply until further notice.

For various reasons we are ceasing to trade.
All current orders will be completed.
Warranty will be handled by replacement or refund until the end of our financial year.

Supply of transformer materials - New - 03 Nov 2021.

We will be offering surplus materials for sale shortly after a stock take.
We will retain some equiment and materials for personal use after formal close down at the end of our financial year on 31 Mar 2022.

Technical information - New - 27 Aug 2021.

Our website will remain online except for payments until it expires.

Our technical support will remain active by email via the website only.

Website security - New - 11 Dec 2019.

Due to the somewhat unnecessary security scare warnings we have applied SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) verification through our host.
These means that our website address is now '' instead of ''.
We have implemented code in our website to automatically redirect you.

Website changes to clarify product supply - New - 04 Jul 2018.

As a result of discussions with our insurers we have changes some text details on the website to clarify the markets and products that we currently supply:

  • We do not supply product for Aircraft for flight
  • We do not supply product for Military use
  • We do not supply product to North America
  • We do not supply for Oil platforms
  • Industral product is only made to customer drawing
  • Military product quality is an indication of our ability not our approval

General Data Protection Regulation - New - 05 May 2018.

We have updated our data storage rules to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2015 which came into force in May 2018.
Our policy document is available on request.
NO customer or supplier data is supplied to any third party other than that which is necessary to process payments.
We are compliant with the PCI-DSS credit card rules and only store card details on paper for the duration of the order and warranty period, no such data is stored on computer at any time.

Cookies - New - 26 May 2012.

In accordance with EU Directive 2009/136/EC section 66 we declare that we have no cookies on our website.
Links to other websites are out of our control and may have cookies.

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