Transformers for Model Railways.


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U-Clamp Frame Drop-Through Shroud with Feet

  • Page Updated 08 Feb 2017.

  • A range of Laminated Transformers optimised for use in model railway applications, suitable for DC, AC and DCC systems.

  • Professional quality materials.
  • Varnish Impregnated:
    Reduces acoustic noise when mounted on a baseboard.
    More suitable for damp environments such as sheds and lofts.
  • Compliant with current safety requirements.
  • Fully isolated for safe operation.
  • Various Voltage and Current Combinations.
  • Special versions made to order.
  • Several styles available for most designs.

Order Codes and Datasheet Links

Order Code Description Clamp Frame Drop Through Metal Shroud with Feet
VTG15162 range
(Previously VTG311)
Mains 220-240V 50/60Hz
Single AC winding 18 volts at 5 Amps RMS
U clamp not available in this size
VTG15163 range
(Previously VTG312)
Mains 220-240V 50/60Hz
Two AC winding 18 volts at 2.5 Amps RMS
U clamp not available in this size
VTG15164 range
(Previously VTG314)
Mains 220-240V 50/60Hz
Four isolated AC windings 18 volts at 1.25 Amps RMS
U clamp not available in this size

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