General Purpose Mains Transformers.

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  • Page updated 02 Aug 2016.
  • This range is not currently available.

A range of General Purpose Mains Transformers optimised for use in Power Supply Rectifier Circuits. No specific models are shown as there are so many combinations possible. Most of our transformers can be produced rapidly from stock materials. Please contact us for a quotation against your requirements.

  • Professional quality materials.
  • Compliant with current safety requirements.
  • Computer aided design.
  • Full quality control system, generally to ISO9001.
  • Fast delivery of Prototypes.

Some Examples

  • Control Panel Transformers.
  • PCB Mounting Transformer.
  • Chassis Mounting Power Transformer.
  • Low Frequency Inverter Transformer.
  • High Voltage Multi-Output Isolation Transformer.

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