Custom Coil Winding

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  • This service is not currently available.

  • We can take your circuit and design parameters and design all the inductors and transformers.
  • All inductor and transformers are designed using in-house CAD software.
  • We can build prototypes and test them.
  • Report and Technical File Preparation.
  • Manufacture from your drawings.

Magnetic Component Design and Manufacture.

  • Laminated Transformers.
    Up to 20 KiloVolts.
    Up to 1000 Amps.
    Up to 500 watts.
    Power supply and Audio circuits.
    Laminated gapped Inductors and Chokes.
    Smoothing Chokes.
    Fixed value and Swinging chokes.
    Saturating Magnetics.
    Laminated and Ferrite Transductors.
    Magnetic amplifiers.
    Constant Current and Constant Voltage Transformers.
  • Ferrite Cored Switched Mode Inductors and Transformers.
    Prototype service to test SMPS magnetics including PCB manufacture.
    Ferrite Cored Power Factor Correction Inductors.
  • Sensing Devices.
    Current Transformers.
    Rogowski coils.
    Voltage Sensing Transformers.
    Flux gate sensors.
  • Air Cored Inductors up to 1000 amps.
  • EMC Filter Inductors.
  • LISN coils and Complete LISNs.


  • Coil Bobbin Manufacture.
  • Coilwinding with Fine, Thick or Stranded(Litz) Wire.
  • Vacuum Impregnation of Transformers and High Voltage Potted Assemblies.
  • Testing for Inductance, Voltage Current etc.
  • Full Compliance Testing to Low Voltage Directive.

Special Versions of Stock Transformers.

We can modify a standard transformer design to provide extra features or small changes in specification.
A nominal charge is made if the variation can be accomodated without full redesign.
Contact us for details.

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