Valve Grid Coupling Transformers


[Picture of Grid Coupling Transformer. Dpc12718.jpg] [Circuit of Grid Coupling Transformer. Dpc12719.jpg]
U-Clamp Circuit

  • Page Updated 08 Feb 2017.

  • A range of Coupling Transformers.
  • These are designed to be driven from the anode circuit of one valve and provide Grid Drive to one or two OutPut Valves in Power Amplifiers.
  • Alternative configurations and impedances are available to order.

  • Two section interleaved windings for low leakage inductance.
  • Low flux density for low distortion and low external magnetic fields.
  • Professional quality materials.
  • Compliant with current safety requirements.
  • Special versions made to order.

Grid Coupling Transformer Specification and Order Codes

Order Code Primary Impedance Primary to Secondary Ratio
(Previously VTC100100)
8K 1:1+1
VTC15252-1100 8K 1:1
(Previously VTC101100)
8K 1:3+3
(Previously VTC102100)
22K 1:1+1
(Previously VTC103100)
22K 1:3+3
(Previously VTC104100)
56K 1:1+1
(Previously VTC105100)
56K 1:3+3

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