100 Volt Line Transformers


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U-Clamp Frame Drop-Through Shroud with Feet

  • Page Updated 08 Feb 2017.

  • 100 Volt Line Matching Transformers.
  • Transformers are designed to match Amplifiers and Loudspeakers.
  • Alternative Impedance and Powers can be supplied. Call or Email to check feasability.
  • Direct from valve anode to line will be available.
  • High Power systems will be available.
  • This is a new range - please email if you think we should add to the range.

  • Multi-section interleaved windings for low leakage inductance.
  • Low flux density for low distortion and low external magnetic fields.
  • Professional quality materials.
  • Compliant with current safety requirements.
  • Grain Orientated Thin Iron Cores.
  • Special versions made to order.

Order Codes and Datasheet Links

Order Code Description Clamp Frame Drop Through Metal Shroud with Feet
VTC15173-1100 Line driver or Loodspeaker driver.
Loudspeaker/Amplifier 4 - 8 -16 ohms.
Power Output 1 - 2 - 5 - 15 - 30 watts.
U clamp not available for this size

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