VTH15774-1440 - HT Transformer for RH84SE Amplifier


  • Order Code: VTH15774-1440.
  • Issue: 4.
  • Page Updated: 07 Feb 2017.
  • Change Request: X50465.
  • Release Note: Y11181.


  • Primary: 10-0-200-220-240 VRMS 50/60Hz.
  • Output: 300-0-300 VRMS 80mA 5v 3a 6.3ct 1.6A 6.3ct 0.6A.
  • Construction: Iron Laminated. Double insulated.
  • Treatment: Vacuum Varnish Impregnated.
  • Application: HT Anode and Heater supplies.
  • Range: Standard.

Mounting Arrangement


Mechanical Dimensions

  • Size (SZ) = Patt78x1/1/4 FS.
  • Width (W) = 3 1/8 inch(79mm).
  • Depth (D) = 3 3/8 inch(86mm).
  • Height (H) = 3 7/8 inch(98mm).
  • Fix Centres (FWxFD) = 2 1/2 inch x 2 inch(64mm x 51mm).
  • Fix Size (FZ) = 3/16 inch(M4).
  • Weight (WT) = 4lb 3oz(1.9KG).


Picture:dpe12581.gif Picture:dpe12582.gif Picture:dpe12773.gif


Function Connection
10 Volts Mauve wire
0 Volts Blue wire
200 Volts Yellow wire
220 Volts Orange wire
240 Volts Red wire
HT Anode A Red wire (A)
HT Centre(Ground) Black wire
HT Anode B Red wire (B)
Aux. Heater A Green+Red marker wire (A)
Aux. Heater Centre Green+Black marker wire
Aux. Heater B Green+Orange marker wire (B)
Rectifier Heater Brown+Red marker wire (A)
Heater A Blue+Red marker wire (A)
Rectifier Heater Brown+Black marker wire
Heater Centre Blue+Black marker wire
Heater B Blue+Orange marker wire (B)

Connection Layout

Picture:dpm14579.gif Picture:dpm14578.gif


Application Notes

  • Safety note: Warning. This part may be connected to high voltage. Disconnect then discharge for 5 minutes before working on circuit.
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