HT Smoothing Chokes.


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U-Clamp Frame Drop-Through Shroud with Feet

  • Page Updated 045 Feb 2017.
  • Full range re-introduced.

  • A range of Gapped Laminated Iron Cored Inductors for use as Mains Frequency Smoothing Chokes

  • Low External Magnetic Field for Low Hum Generation.
  • Professional quality materials.
  • Varnish Impregnated for Low Acoustic noise.
  • Compliant with current safety requirements.
  • Fully isolated for operation on DC Rails up to 1000 Volts.
  • Various Inductance and Current Combinations.
  • Several styles available for most designs.

Order Codes and Datasheet Links (in Inductance order)

Range Codes:

  • N = Normal (Standard range for general use).
Status Order Code Range Description Clamp Frame Drop Through Metal Shroud with Feet
VTL13303 range
(Previously VTL110)
N 1 Henry at 300 milliamp DC
VTL14663 range
(Previously VTL111)
N 5 Henries at 250 milliamp DC
VTL12914 range
(Previuously VTL101)
N 10 Henries at 50 milliamps
VTL12913 range
(Previously VTL102)
N 10 Henries at 100 milliamps
VTL12158 range
(Previously VTL103)
N 10 Henries at 180 milliamps DC
Suitable for Mullard 5-20 mono amplifier
VTL13129 range
(Previously VTL104)
N 10 Henries at 250 milliamps DC
VTL13307 range
(Previously VTL109)
N 10 Henries at 400 milliamps DC
Suitable for Mullard 5-20 stereo amplifier
U clamp not available in this size
VTL13160 range
(Previously VTL105)
N 20 Henries at 90 milliamps DC
VTL13147 range
(Previously VTL106)
N 30 Henries at 20 milliamps DC
For Williamson amplifier
VTL15586 range N 30 Henries at 100 milliamp DC

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